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About the authors

Michael Romero
Michael Romero is a BS/MS Computer Engineering grad student. His thesis topic is entitled "Volume Ray Casting Techniques using General Purpose Computations on Graphics Processing Units." He is the founder of the CUDA club at RIT. He is primarily interested in computer graphics, computer architecture, and both low and high level programming. Work history includes writing drivers for Intel's upcoming Larrabee project, as well as several freelance positions for medical applications and web development. He is scheduled to continue work on Intel's Larrabee upon graduation.
Rodrigo Urra

Rodrigo is an international BS/MS Computer Engineering RIT alumni. His completed thesis is entitled "Scalable Ray Tracing with Multple GPGPUs."  His primary interests include 3D graphics, software engineering, and GPGPU programming. Work history includes software engineering internships at Xerox Corporation and Technology, Patents, & Licensing. He is currently employed by Studio GPU in Hollywood, CA as a developer of real-time 3D graphics tools. He is also trilingual and has lived in numerous countries worldwide.